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Who we are

For decades, our analyst team have been trusted to brief executives and leaders from the most-preeminent organizations in the world. Clients from the White House to the Fortune 10 pay six figures for our team of industry experts to read the news and distill it down to what matters for their executives.

Our team of more than 100 US-based analysts — most with advanced degrees — are meticulously trained experts in writing for C-suite audiences and distilling the complex news of the day into something insightful yet readable. Our staff includes industry experts, lawyers, and policy professionals, each bringing their experience to bear.

Now, this same team is introducing The Business and Finance Frontrunner to offer unparalleled news confidence and insight to investment professionals and asset managers at a fraction of the cost.

Strategic advantage

delivered daily.

Save time and return to your day

Consolidates news of interest from hundreds of thousands of sources to provide a quick and informative morning read 

Rely on trusted insights

As our organization does not provide other financial services to investment professionals, our news summaries provide a straightforward and entirely independent market perspective.

Improve decision-making

Delivered daily, readers feel confident that they’re armed with the insight necessary to make strategic decisions 

Eliminate information overload

Cut through the noise to the news that matters

Our Fortune 100

validated approach


Using our proprietary and unmatched search technology, analysts begin the nightly process by scouring hundreds of thousands of online, broadcast, social media, and non-news sources.


Analysts apply judgment to filter down to the most impactful stories of the day in the most fertile industries.

Distill and synthesize

Key insights and perspectives are then woven together into a cohesive narrative consisting of a series of concise write-ups, custom-written by our analysts.